Legs Wind Deflectors-R. BMW R1200 GS LC Year 2017-2018, ref. 120117R

339,14 VAT not included

Wind deflectors for the legs area. They avoid effectively the flow of air that exists on the legs, particularly at the upper part of them and therefore its penetration to the lower part of the jacket; in this way the driving comfort is improved, because it is possible a high speed riding even with long motorcycle jackets or casual clothes without inside flow of air.

This R version, differs from the standard legs wind deflectors, (ref. 120117), in the size of the upper zone, more reduced and integrated in the motorcycle contour. However, the effectiveness is practically the same like in greater deflectors.

  • Fitting by means of black galvanised steel brackets to the original screw points of the fairing.
  • They do not bother riding standing up.
  • Perfect integration to the original design in the hot air outlet from the coolers.
  • Plastic material with rounded corners and edges, in solid matt black colour.
  • Approximate weight of the set, 468 gr.